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M1903.com Questions and Answers

The following is a list of questions we have received and answered recently. 
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M1903.com - Q&A
Star Gauged 1944 barrel for M1903?
1,513,000 range M1903 - historical information?
1905 dated M1903 barrels 30-06 or 30-03?
405,000 range RIA M1903 legitimate?
Meaning of WJS inspection stamp on M1903?
Manufacture date of 401,000 range Rock Island M1903?
Identification S29 M1903 bolt marking?
Meaning of "AV" barrel marking on early M1903?
Manufacture date of 1,324,000 range M1903?
Meaning of "2591" near buttplate on M1903?
Information sought on M1903 - 827735?
Information sought about Springfield M1903 490955?
Information about "1943" Remington M1903?
"White" numbers/letters on M1903A3?
"Dot" on "firebomb" of M1903 barrel?
"A" stamp on "bare" M1917 bolt?
Earlier M1903 sights used to 2450 yards?
"Nat ord" receiver with 5-44 barrel ...?
AL134 markings on stock?
Information sought on 135,000 range M1903?
One M1903 manufacturer better than another?
Any information on a M1903 in the 65,000 range?
Did Springfield make M1903s for the civilian market?
Markings on 1903 stock - FJA, etc.?
Markings found on a 1,485,000 M1903?
Rear "receiver screw" not long enough?
Purpose of the band spring on the M1903?
Missing M1903 from 1990s?
"X" stamp on top of replacement bolt handle?
1,218,000 range M1903 - original barrel?
Meaning of the "A" under the date of a M1903 barrel?
Unit use of rifle?
Restored M1903 in 725,000 range a good shooter?
Eddystone M1917 apparently unmodified. Explanation?
11/42 with 1920s inspection stamp?
WWII parts, Scant stock "odd" on a 40,000 range RIA?
Using reduced charges on a 471,000 range M1903?
Value and age of a 1903 in the 3,250,000 range?
"FSAA" stamp on rebuilt M1917?
The meaning of the inspection stamp "AOP"?
Online location to confirm Star Gauge?
The purpose of the magazine cutoff?
1886 "1903 Sportster"?
History and use for 1,306,000 range M1903?
Unmarked Winchester M1917 VP-stamped barrel?
Z stamp on the tang of the stock?
1266000 range rifle an NRA Sporter?
Stock for a 3,140,000 range Remington M1903?
"History" of 604,000-range M1903? USMC characteristics?
LN RIA '03 with 3-18 barrel and FK stamp?
Installing a M1903A3-type rear sight on a LN M1903?
1474000 range M1903 with 12-43 USMC barrel?
Parts to "unsporterize" a M1903A3?
Smith-Corona M1903A3 use of bolts with "square" safety lugs?
Possible value of 424,000 range M1903?
M1903 with Lyman sights and AAT-marked stock?
"FJA stamped over CSAA rebuild stamp on M1903A3?
M1903A3 won't eject cartridges?
Worth of a M1903 Mark I in 1,041,000 range?
Scant stocks used for NM M1903s?
M1903 Mark I with Lyman sight worth restoring?
"Winchester 300 Magnum" stamp on M1903A3?
BF16 bolt on Remington M1903A3?
Meaning of "ERA" on P1914 rifle?
Placement of FJA determining manufacturer?
Meaning of JF and PA-P on "1903A1" from 1942-43?
1532000 range M1903 with 1942 barrel?
"1942" 4,129,000 rifle safe to shoot?
Meaning of "A" stamp on early 1918 M1903 barrel?
Low-numbered M1903 with 1942 barrel - safe?
"K" stamp on a M1917 bolt?
1915 M1903 with a 1917 barrel - barrel original or a replacement?
Drilled and tapped 1909 RIA M1903?
Can M1903A3 in 3,960,000 range fire a 30-06?
"Indian Army" M1903A3?
1921 rifle, 1939 barrel and SA/GAW inspection stamp?
Meaning of "X" near a circled P proof mark?
Meaning of "0-29" and SA on M1903 barrel?
How old is my 3,250,000 range M1903?
Markings on 1,211,000 range M1903 stock, including SA/JFC?
Last four numbers of s/n on buttstock of Mark I?
M1903 Mark I with RA 2-44 barrel?
215,000 range M1903 with 1939 barrel, untouched stock?
Installing a M1903 rear sight on a M903A3?
Information on 923,000 M1903?
Information about a 556,000 range M1903 rifle with 1942 barrel?
Information on 312,000 range Rock Island M1903 rifle with C123-marked barrel?
M1903A3 safe to use without upper band?
Questions about the markings on a 212,000 range SA M1903?
343,000-range Rock Island M1903 with CC-marked bolt. Correct?
Springfield M1903 in 376,000 range - questions?
885,000 range M1903 with 1929 barrel?
Bolt markings correct on 270,000 range M1903?
Type C stock a legitimate replacement for a 3,300,000 range M1903?
331,000 range sporterized Rock Island?
Information on 644,000 range Springfield M1903?
Smith Corona M1903A3 with an 8-44 Remington barrel a "legitimate" rebuild? Value?
372,000 Rock Island 1903 a Marine rifle?
922,000 range rifle a '03 or 03A3?
What to look for and worth of a 3,811,000 range M1903A3?
Questions about origins of new 1,396,000 range purchase?
Remington M1903 with non-Remington parts?
Identity of bolt with "2" on top and W & L on bottom?
"History" of SA M1903 in 1257000 range?
"03A3" manufactured in 1911?
1,510,000 range M1903 with "Ri" 1942 barrel?
3,250,000 Remington 1903 in "International Rifle" style?
M1903 Mark I fitted with non-grasping groove stock?
RIA M1903 in 20,000 with CSAA stamp?
Information sought about 1,150,000 range M1903 Mark I?
Early 58,000 range RIA M1903 correct?
NRA stamp on 163,000 range Rock Island M1903?
48,000 range M1903 with 1909 barrel?
RIA 85,000 range M1903 - any information?
Information about early M1903 in 39,000 range?
Caliber and value of Remington 1904 in 3,087,000 range?
I.D. of M1903 bolt with R on TOP of handle?
SC-marked extractor on Smith Corona M1903A3?
HS markings on M1917 barrel?
3,350,000 range Remington M1903 in M1903A3 serial range?
"8" on top of bolt handle on M1903A1?
Identification of SAAF and date manufactured on RIA M1903?
Date and info about 146,000 range M1903?
301,000 range rifle "in combat" before?
Information about Rock Island M1903 in 412,000 range?
Any information about sporterized M1903 in 545,000 range?
Use a M1903 or M1903A3 with a W&S scope?
18,000 range rifle an NRA Sporter?
1906 receiver with 1944 HS barrel - what's the manufacture date?
910,000 range rifle ...date of manufacture and worth?
Buying a Mark I for $950?
Making a M1903A3 competition rifle?
Remington M1903 with RIA/FK and AAD stamps on stock?
Information about RIA in 98,000 range - safe to shoot?
193,000 range M1903 with CSAA and RA-P?
Rock Island 1903 and Remington 03A3 incomplete - value and restoration?
Very small "H" stamp on top of bolt handle on M1903A3?
British M1903 a "put-together"?
Smith Corona M1903A3 an arsenal rebuild?
Upper 800,000 range rifle a sniper rifle?
No exterior markings on WWII stock?
Sling swivel supposed to be "proud" of stock?
Is my rifle an NRA Sporter?
Parts common to both M1903 and M1917?
310,000 range RIA m1903 - value increased by adding grasping groove stock?
Meaning of "RAW1" on stock?
406,000 range Rock Island M1903 with 1930 barrel?
RIA 1903 in 235,000 range a true sporter?
958,000 SA M1903 and 1918 RIA barrel a match?
1,471,000 range M1903 with later stock?
Value of 3,059,000 Remington with Type C stock?
Remington M1903 - P marking on barrel and no P on stock?
Information on 389,000 range Rock Island M1903?
1910 Rock Island with 1912 SA barrel?
3,053,000 range rifle a ".308"?
Remington M1903 a "refurbished" rifle?
Information sought on SC M1903A3 in 4,836,000 range?
"Lend Lease" Remington 1903A1?
Rock Island 1903 with 11-42 barrel date?
Remington 3,993,000 M1903A3 a mixmaster?
"1"s in 1,515,000 range M1903 serial number don't look like ones.?
What year and state was a 1,530,000 range M1903 made?
How old is a 1,321,000 range M1903 and questions?
R mark on M1903 bolt?
Question about 4,165,000 range 1903 with 1939 barrel?
Throw away a 5,002,000 range M1903A3?
1909 M1903 with 1919 barrel?
How long will a 2-groove barrel on 1918 receiver last in shooting?
57,000 range M1903 safe to fire?
Rock Island buttplates?
RIA 1918 barrel a match for a 900,000 range M1903?
Unreadable 1903A3 receiver markings?
Sporterized M1903 with R 11-18 on barrel?
1,022,000 range M1903 - a mixmaster?
New M1903 owner with 128,000 range Rock Island M1903?
310,000 range Rock Island M1903 safe to shoot?
Worth of Remington 1903 with December, 1941 barrel?
Mark I M1903 safe to shoot modern ammunition?
Correct "rear sight collar" for RIA M1903?
National Ordnance 1903A4 brought back from Vietnam?
Information 1,228,000 range M1903?
Winchester M1917 with Eddystone bolt original?
Sporterized 413,000 range RIA M1903 legit?
Questions on 178,000 range Rock Island M1903?
Need for stripper clips for a M1903A3?
Location of M1903 receiver markings?
3,409,000 range a sniper rifle?
Removing a fixed rear siught base on a M1903?
Information on a 3,754,000 range M1903A3?
A 3/4" long welding "bead" on M1903A3?
Information sought on 3,430,000 range M1903A3?
Have three M1903s - am concerned about failures?
New information on National Ordnance 1903A3s?
Replacing 1903A3 stacking swivel band?
NRA Sporter with 12-43 USMC barrel?
Springfield in 69,000 range safe to shoot?
What year a 1,000,000 range M1903 was made?
Late M1903A3 with earlier barrel correct?
Information on "Bushmaster" carbine M1903?
1375000 range M1903 with 11-28 barrel - information and value?
Manufacture year of a 178,000 range M1903?
1,410,000 range M1903 w/ RIA barrel safe to shoot?
Sedgely sporter in 105,000 range safe to shoot?
"Transition" M1903 with British proof marks?
Sporterized 268,000 range M1903 safe to shoot?
Mounting a military scope on a M1903A3?
Markings on 11-18 SA barrel of sporterized Mark I?
"Meaning of "a cartouche of a flaming bomb"?
An 89,000-range M1903 with a "vase with leaves"?
Worth of Remington M1903 in 3,052,000 range?
Clarifying information on Rem. 1903 in 3,273,000 range?
.303 rifle with "2750" stamp?
Early Remington M1903A3?
Histories on two M1903s?
Three questions in one?
Est. retail value of an "excellent" 3,700,000-3,800,000 range M1903A3?
Estimated survival rate of original 1903s?
Early 45,000 range M1903 with fine-checked buttplate and smooth trigger?
Restoring a Rod Bayonet M1903?
Information about M1903A4 sniper rifle?
Information on 945,000 range M1903 with USMC 8-41 barrel?
RIA 411,000 range rifle with 1906 barrel original?
Stock markings (or lack thereof) on an early M1903A3?
Date of manufacture of Sanata Fe-marked M1903?
Information on 3,193,000 range Remington M1903?
908,000 range rifle a M1903A3?
History of 486,000 range M1903?
Markings on M1903 Mark I Scant stock?
M1903 in 166,000 range a "famous" M1903?
Smith Corona 1903A3 sporterized. What caliber?
Information about Springfield 1903 #33000?
Remington 1903A3 in 3,750,000 range - does it have a brittle receiver?
Manufacture date of 192,000 range sporterized M1903?
1930 Springfield M1903 information on markings?
"Remilitarizing" a sporterized M1903A3 with D&T barrel?
Worth of Rod bayonet (part) and locating correct stock?
Correct 1918 M1903?
History of the Springfield two-groove barrel?
Information about Remington "transition" M1903 with British proofs?
M1903 rear sight base "canted" on barrel.?
Smith-Corona 03A3 rebuild correct for the time and place?
1903 with "6939" on flat spot of bolt handle"?
Info on 899,000 range M1903 and bayonet?
Another 1,120,000 range Mark I with "National Match action"?
Strange rear sight on 177,000 range ROck Island M1903?
1,120,000 range Mark I with 1918 barrel?
Springfield in 32-40 used by "Army Marksman Team"?
2000 range Springfield 1903 a military or civilian "Match" rifle?
Can you buy a "safer" receiver for a sporterized LN M1903?
"3-GM-44" stamp on M1903A3 stock?
Springfield 162,000 range M1903 - safe to fire? Worth restoring?
428,000 range Rock Island M1903 with 1927 SA barrel?
M1903A3 bolts marked with serial numbers of rifles?
Meaning of "tulip" and other barrel markings on a 855,000 range M1903?
1,084,000 range Mark I arsenal overhauled?
295,000 range Greek return M1903 with block letters on receiver?
Information sought about 693,000 range M1903 with 1908 barrel?
Markings on 1913 Rock Island M1903 barrel?
Information sought about SC M1903A3?
Low-numbered Werner & Swasey scope for a M1903?
1915 M1903s safer to shoot?
850,000 range a "low number?
"History" of 1,477,000 range M1903 with 1936 barrel?
Stock with one bolt on 1913 RIA M1903 unusual?
Information on Remington M1903 in 3,190,000 range?
453,000 range M1903 with "05" barrel.?
Chromed M1903A3?
J stamp on Rock Island M1903 stock?
Trying tofind out about a 270,000 range Rock Island 1903?
Information on Rock Island 416,000 range?
1,050,000 range rifle late 1918?
Will 1903A3 stocks work on a late Remington M1903?
Scoped 3000 or 5000 range RIA with JA barrel?
Chromed 1,300,000 range M1903?
Sportized 15,000 range RIA M1903 = history and safe to shoot?
M1903A3 features and price sound all right?
Value and shootability of an RIA 1903 in 180s?
311,000 Range RIA with 1938 barrel?
Information and value on a 1,329,000 range M1903?
More markings on Nov. 1942 Remington M1903?
History/value of RIA M1903 in 179,000 range?
What does the numbers under "model" mean?
Inherited a 1,216,000 range M1903 - identify and date?
700,000 (or 100,000) range M1903 in .270?
1,536,000 range sporter?
Information sought on Springfield in 1,470,000 range?
Information on 1,452,000 range M1903 with HS barrel?
Have RIA in 138,000 range - meaning of "sporterized"?
Barrel markings on 305,000 range M1903?
Knurled end of firing pin missing on Remington M1903A3?
Parts markings on Rock Island M1903 in 193,000 range?
Remington 3/42 M1903 - bolt and trigger mechanisms replacements?
3,155,000 range Remington M1903 a rebuild?
"CSAA" inspection stamp?
Seeking history of grandfather's M1903 - a "bringback"?
$250 a good price for a Remington M1903A3 in 3,780,000 range?
4,162,000 M1903A3 with missing fore-end sight?
March 1911 M1903 with original stock markings?
1,377,000 M1903 an NRA Sporter?
971,000 range M1903 with K in cutoff and "16" near circle P on stock?
371,000 range M1903 with 6-20 barrel?
Any help on figuring out a 580,000 range M1903 with 7-42 barrel?
Worth of Remington M1903 in 3,035,000 range with SA 9-42 barrel?
26,000 range M1903 with no readable barrel date or cartouche?
Considering purchase of a 954,000 range M1903 and have questions?
80,000 range RIA M1903 with OEL stock?
959,000 range M1903 with 1-19 RIA barrel?
Information on 577,000 range M1903?
.30 caliber marked "4-42" in 30-40?
Bolt with B and "circle 50" a Remington?
"History" of Remington M1903 in 3,288,000 range?
Etched serial number on bolt of 380,000 range RIA M1903?
Presented with 3,084,000 range Remington M1903?
Information about a 1,388,000 range M1903 with AV barrel?
144,000 range M1903 with Weaver scope a WWII sniper rifle?
3GM-K stamp on 366,000 range Springfield M1903?
Authenticating M1903A3 in 3,950,000 range?
871,000 range a M1903 or M1903A3?
16,000 range SA M1903. What to look for?
623,000 SA receiver a "replacement"?
3,130,000 range "03A3" - information?
399,000 range sporterized M1903 safe to shoot? Value?
5,000,000 range "Natl Ord" 1903 - history and information?
Proud owner of M1903 in 55,000 range: safe to shoot?
1,368,000 range rifle with correct bolt and stock markings?
1,472,000 range M1903 worth restoring?
980,000 SA M1903 a rebuild?
468,000 range M1903 in the "low numbered" class? Problems already discovered?
Information on 3,560,000 range Remington 03A3?
"Fairly unused" Remington M1903A3 in 4,205,000 range?
3,640,000 SC M1903A3 still in box and oiled paper - information?
a 3-43 barrel original to a 11-43 03A3 receiver?
Good gunsmith to install new CMP barrel on M1903?
Can't find a clip for a Rock Island high number?
More details on 380,000 range sporterized Rock Island 1903?
Receiver "cut" on 3,320,000 range Remington M1903?
Shoot or keep 770,000 range sportered M1903 from grandfather?
1903A3 NM prototype that was built by Elmer Keith?
"What do I have?" Remington 3,330,000 range with 12-42 marked barrel?
Information on Remington in 3,300,000 range "not on your list".?
Earlier history of Greek Mark I M1903?
Correct 4,110,000 range M1903A3? Data sheet?
Year and caliber of Remington M1903A3 in 4,054,000 range?
Correct M1903 in 3,320,000 range?
M1903 249,000 range with small sideways S on forestock?
Meaning of SADAL on 1,348,000 range M1903?
Remington M1903A3 in 4,206,000 range - markings on barrel and stock?
Date of production of M1 carbine in 6,310,000 serial range and value?
Information on RIA M1903 421,000 range?
Value of RIA in 310,000 range with 1919 barrel?
833,000 SA M1903 with 2-18 barrel original? Value?
M1903 in 1,004,000 range - information and value?
Worth and information on Remington M1903 in 3,018,000 range?
History on M1903 in 1,375,000 range?
Remington M1903A3 in 3,790,000 range - history and branch of military used?
Information on 3,320,000 range "transition" Remington M1903?
Correct R-marked parts on a 3,190,000 range Remington M1903?
Value of RIA sporter in 376,000 range?
8-44 RA barrel designed for a M1903?
Any historical info on SA M1903 in 555,000 range?
Information sought on 911,000 range M1903 markings?
Information about Mark I in 1,079,000 range with Scant stock?
3,350,000 range Remington M1903 with ".30-06"-marked barrel?
"Bare" FJA on M1903A3 stock of 3,970,000 range M1903A3?
4,094,000 range M1903A3 - a matching barrel?
Information about Remington 1903 in 3,320,000 range with 8-42 bbl.?
Value of 339000-range sporterized M1903 with Fajen stock?
Information about Springfield .22 M2?
Questions on heirloom Remington M1903 - manufacture date and information?
Correct bolt for 1,170,000 range Mark I M1903?
SC M1903A3 in 3,610,000 range - what do I have? 6 groove?
Information sought about 3600 range M1903?
575,000 range M1903 with thumbhole stock - information?
New "addtion to the family" a 3,046,000 range Remington M1903?
Bolt on Remington M1903 a Remington one?
M1903 chambered in 30-06 or 30-03?
Manufacture date of 3,640,000 range Smith Corona M1903A3?
970,000 range M1903 with 1944 SA bbl. legitimate rebuild?
Meaning of the "U" on the M1903 lower band?
401,000 range Springfield M1903 safe to fire?
3,650,000 Range Smith Corona M1903A3 a good buy at $400?
Smith Corona M1903A3 with JUST a OG stamp?
Is a M1903 in 283,000 range safe to shoot?
Manufacture date of Rock Island M1903 in 362,000 range?
Correct buttplate for WWII Scant stock?
4,150,000 sporterized M1903A3 bought at gunshow - value?
1931 M1903 with 1931 barrel original?
Removing a bolt from a 03A3? Help!!
3,180,000 Range Remington M1903 - "Unserviceable"?
Cut down 1,060,000 range Mark I worth anything?
16" bayonet with "Remington 1917" stamps?
1944 M1903 barrel with H stamp?
National Ordnance replacement receiver?
1906 RIA with 1942 USMC barrel?
Springfield "bolt" with RIA stock?
Remington M1903A3 in 4,130,000 range original?
Correct parts needed to complete 3,270,000 range Remington M1903?
468,000 range M1903 safe to shoot?
Importance of the bolt stop on functioning of my M1903?
"History" of Springfield M1903 1,303,000 range?
Bannerman "special 1903" value?
216,000 range RIA M1903 a USMC rifle?
Manufacture date for 810,000 range M1903 and what is the M1898?
No markings on Scant stock mounted on RIA '03?
3,890,000 range Remington M1903A3 "original"? Additional details?
406,000 range Rock Island M1903 a "real" RIA?
Information about SA M1903 Mark I, #1,130,000 range?
15,000 range Rock Island M1903 with AV-marked barrel?
Identification of 3,130,000 range Remington M1903?
Type of Parkerizing used on Rock Island M1903 with 1919 barrel?
Information on 561,000 range M1903 with 1922 RIA barrel?
M1903A4s alway have Type C stocks? (and other questions)?
Remington M1903 in 3,220,000 range with RLB stock and 2-42 barrel?
Difference between a M1903 and M1903A3 rifle?
information on 1460000 range M1903?
Finding father's Guadalcanal M1903?
Sporterized Mark I OK to drill and tap?
Questiond about Rock Island 429,000 range?
M1903 Mark I in 1,114,000 range correct? Value?
1919 Mark I M1903 with chromed bore?
3,820,000 range M1903A3 - what do I have here?
RIA M1903 in 310,000 range - what price to offer to buy?
Remington M1903 a "sports model"?
Mark I 1,150,000 range history and value?
History and value of 992,000 range M1903 with HS barrel?
1,250,000 range M1903 with 8-44 SA barrel?
Value of 1,311,000 range M1903 with 1942 barrel?
Information about 1,209,000 range M1903 gifted from father?
1,371,000 range M1903 with 1918 barrel?
Correct designation for Remington M1903?
661,000 range Springfield a match rifle?
Smith-Corona M1903A3 4,760,000 range "authentic" arsenal rebuild?
M1903A3 shoots too high - solutions?
Remington M1903 in 3,350,000 range rebuilt?
Correct finish and bolt for 1918 M1903?
M1903A3 inherited from father with shorter stock?
"Pattern 17" rifle with DP marking?
'03 was issued with what sling?
Nickel-plated "honor gun" 03A3 one of a hundred?
Nickeled Remington M1917?
Markings on 156,000 range Springfield 1903?
369,000 range Springfield with "short" barrel - "carbine" model '03?
Date Rock Island M1903 #412,000 range was made?
Information sought about 105,000 range Rock Island M1903?
Value and "correctness" of 3,165,000 range Remington M1903?
Value of 9300-range Springfield M1903?
Identity of bolt with modified handle - high or low number?
Remington 3,098,000 range "original"?
Manufacture date of 3,160,000 range Remington M1903?
Could not remove floorplate on 696,000 range M1903?
M1917 with 3GM-K marking?
M1903 Mark I with FJA/RA stock?
Replaced barrel on 592,000 range M1903 with JFC stock?
Sporterized Rock Island M1903 with muzzle brake?
Telling the difference between a M1903, M1903A1 and M1903A3 bolt?
Springfield M1903 1,312,000 range safe to shoot?
Information on Remington M1903 in 3,360,000 range sought?
Correct 3,150,000 range Remington M1903 with "O" on stock?
Value of a 1,298,000 range M1903?
Date of manufacture and caliber of 41,500 range M1903?
Information sought on 3,540,000 range M1903?
624,000 range M1903 with serial number ground off and replaced?
1,107,000 M1903 with 7-18 barrel - information?
1,211,000 range Springfield M1903 - worth and information?
3,890,000 M1903A3 with "5-42" barrel?
"Sporterized M1903A3s sold by NRA in 1960s?
Did the three makers of the M1917 rifle share parts?
440,000 range M1903 with 11-41 barrel?
1,450,000 range M1903 - any "history"?
M1903 RIA made by Colt in 1908?
1,500,000 range M1903 with 7-13 RIA barrel - information?
1919 Rock Island M1903 with 1913 SA barrel? Why?
Information sought about 1,020,000 Springfield M1903?
"Info and dates" on 70,000-range Springfield M1903?
Information on 479,000 range M1903 with NRA on trigger guard?
RIA M1903 with OEK stamp - identification?
Value of SA 05 M1903 barrel?
Value of Rock Island M1903 in 286,000 range?
"Distribution" information on 869,000 M1903?
Manufacture date of 3,910,000 range M1903A3?
ERA-marked rifle an Eddystone or Rock Island?
Rock Island 371,000 range M1903 with Lyman "peep sight"?
Drilled and tapped 65,000 range Rock Island M1903 with 5-42 barrel?
1,268,000 range M1903 a collector's item?
808,000 range M1903 original?
Information about 523,000 range M1903 with 4-18 RIA barrel?
"Owner's manual" for M1903 in 656,000 range?
Value of 1,314,000 range M1903?
"9641" stamp on M1922 .22?
Caliber of Smith-Corona M1903A3?
Remington M1917 with Winchester parts "original"?
3,094,000 range Remington M1903 with grasping groove stock?
320,000 range Rock Island M1903 with AV barrel?
Information about father's early 3,003,000 range Remington M1903?
History /information on sporterized 337,000 range M1903?
Examining father's 1903A3 and have some questions?
Site to access information on "NRA Sporter in 1,490,000 range?
Origin of "painted on" 20 on stock of M1903A3?
Date of Remington M1903 refurb. at San Antonio Arsenal?
Remington M1903 with AAM and AOY stamps on stock?
Information on 1,269,000 range M1903?
M1903 with WJS "brand" and H under cutoff?
Infoirmation on 1409000 range M1903?
"Safety concerns" and stock for a RIA M1903 in 384,000 range?
Manufacturing date of RI M1903 in 349,000 range?
"X" stamp on M1917 bolt?
Manufacture date of 453,000 range M1903?
HS 1944 barrel original to a Remington M1903?
Bolt stop for M1903?
Questions on Remington M1903 in 3,205,000 range?
Purpose of "on/off switch" on M1903?
M1903 rear sight with "M" stamp?
6000 range M1903 with 8/06 barrel?
Questions on RIA 314,000 range M1903?
Neighbor's 1903 with peep sight - good deal?
853,000 range M1903 with USMC barrel - information?
M1903 in 60,000 range safe to use with blanks?
Date of manufacture of sporterized M1903A3?
Can you be sure of a rifle's safety?
Early 1903 "...looks like a hunting rifle"?
Information on rifles issued to certain units?
"Scenario" for CMP 1919 Mark I receiver with 1944 barrel?
10" bayonet "correct" for 1942 M1903?
M1903s issued in 7.92mm?
I have a M1903A3 - can I find out who it was issued to, history, etc.?
55,000 range RIA M1903 - a 1913 barrel original?
1,010,000 range Springfield M1903 information?
1932 M1903 - which inspector on stock?
154,000 range RIA M1903 in "good" or "bad" range of rifles?
"Unfired" M1903A3 in 4,150,000 range - information?
700 range RIA M1903 safe to shoot?
Barrel on 1,462,000 range SA a "sniper"? Other information?
G-marked bolt?
Information on RIA 356,000 range M1903?
80,000 range M1903 safe to shoot?
A Smith Corona 03-A4?
Value of 126,700 range M1903?
RIA 9000-range rifle - when was it made?
Information sought on 1,213,000 range M1903 with 1921 bbl.?
Looking at 03-A3 and need idea as to worth?
1700 range M1903 "really that old"?
Is 1,523,000 range M1903 a National Match?
22,000 range Springfield worth restoring?
Information sought on 3,300,000 rnge M1903?
4900 range M1903 with AV barrel?
65,000 range sporterized M1903 safe to shoot?
Garand bayonet with OL marking?
3,100,000 range M1903 used in WWI or WWII?
Smith Corona 03A3 with "4" marked extractor?
Two American Legion M1903s - information?
Questions on 3,520,000 range Remington M1903A3?
839,000 range M1903 a "low number"?
4,148,000-range M1903A3 with 4-44 barrel?
Questions about 1918 military bayonet?
Turn down 1903A3 bolt needed?
Value/information on 3,061,000 range "Springfield" 1903?
Questions on M1903 Mark I with USMC barrel?
860,000 range Springfield 1903 with Redfield rear sight - value?
Information and value of 289,000 Rock Island M1903?
1930 M1903 with 1925 - match or service use?
Information sought on M1903 Mark I in 1,085,000 range?
Chamber different color than receiver in 456,000 range M1903?
Information on sporterized Rock Island M1903 in 425,000 range?
Springfield 1903 in .257 Roberts?
Sporterized Remington 1903 in 3,240,000 range - adding a M1903A3 barrel?
Remington M1903A4 in Z4,001,000 range a rebuild?
I.D. of M1903 made WITHOUT serial number?
Value/information on 03A3 in 3,330,000 range?
Scope on RIA 356,000 range rifle?
269,000 range M1903 with CCFK inspection stamp?
Rock Island 1903 in 110,000 range with Lyman rear sight - NRA rifle?
835,000 SA M1903 with RIA/FK stock?
1,312,000 range M1903 with M82 scope correct?
Value of M1903 in 608,000 range?
Value of 30,000 SA M1903 with 8-44 barrel?
Appropriate trigger guard and stock for 1928 M1903?
Information on 1258000 range M1903?
500,000 range M1903 with 8-44 barrel - information and worth?
"straight" bolt correct for 1921 M1903?
War hero's M1903?
"Foreign reproof" RIA M1903?
Markings on Springfield M1903 with 12-32 barrel?
Chance to buy a 310,000 range RIA M1903?
Confusing barrel markings on M1903?
Grandfather's Rock Island M1903?
Information on Smiuth Corona 03A3 deactivated rifle?
Information on Remington 93,000 range barreled receiver?
Value ofUS Model 1917 rifle?
"Blowback" from Santa Fe 1903A3?
Info sought on 1,494,000 range SA with RIA barrel?
136,000 range SA M1903 with 1920 barrel safe to shoot?
Value/information on Rock Island M1903 in 231,000 range?
Remington M1903 with Weaver sight and CMP stock original?
837,000 parts a USMC M1903?
Springfield 1903 in 230,000 range a valuable rifle?
Value of M1903 with "1" in front of 446,000 range serial number?
849,000 range M1903 safe to shoot? Value?
Value of 963,000 range M1903 with Type C stock?
Non-Parkerized bolt original to Remington M1903A3?
Value of early Rock Island M1903 in 800 range?
History of 1896 Krag?
Zeroing in a James River M1903?
31,000 Springfield 1903 a 30-03?
Meaning of NRA stamp on magazine plate of low numbered M1903?
Worth of 3,140,000 range Remington M1903?
Punch mark under serial number of M1903?
Scant stock - a replacement on Remington (and other) M1903s?
Santa Fe 5,001,000 range 1903A3 - shoot or sell?
Questions on RIA 393,000 range rifle and stocks?
Help identifying markings in front of floorplate?
Origins/manufacture of 949,000 range rifle?
Altered Remington M1903A3 with "RF 0343" barrel?
M1903 and M1 with "square" P on stock?
Great-uncle's 412,000 range Rock Island M1903 & bayonet?
808,000 Springfield 1903 with gray/green Parkerizing a good buy?
"Remington Model" in 4,870,000 range - information?
Information on grandfather's Santa Fe 1903?
Attaching a Unertl scope to a M1903?
3,008,000 range Remington M1903 - stock a replacement?
3,101,000 range Remington M1903 a "safe" rifle?
Acquired Remington 3,210,000 range rifle in "excellent condition" - history and worth?
Sporterized 3,530,000 range M1903A3 a candidate for restoration?
Want to know history of 3,059,000 range Remington 1903?
6 groove barrel vs. 2- and 4-groove?
"DOM" of 774,000 range M1903 and other information?
Springfield 1903 in 767,000 range safe to shoot?
"History" for RIA in 419,000 range?
Grandfather's 933,000 range M1903: no markings?
249,000 with 1944 barrel not scrapped? Why?
Replacing cutoff and spindle on M1903?
Information on 249,000 range Rock Island M1903?
523,000 M1903 with 5-18 RIA barrel - information?
"Match rifle" in the 500,000 range with Williams sight?
Markings on 626,000 range M1903 and safe to shoot?
"U.S." Stamp on 3,034,000 range Remington M1903?
Remington M1903 with 11-41 barrel has a replacement stock?
122,000 range M1903 safe to shoot?
230,000 range Rock Island M1903 - value and information?
Smith-Corona 1903A3 in 3,630,000 range with R-marked parts?
Questions on manf. date of 1,293,000 range SA M1903?
Sporterized Remington 1903 with XA72 barrel?
Remington M1903 with loose rear sight?
Questions on 3,600,000 range sporterized M1903A3?
Is a Springfield M1903 barrel "original" to a Remington M1903?
Value of Numrich .22 M1903 adapter kit?
Markings on M1903A3 stock ahead of trigger group?
Identity of 3-GM-K stamp on M1917 rifle?
"An '03 with a lot of stamps"?
History of sporterized 3,035,000 range Remington M1903?
Information about 3,620,000 range Smith Corona M1903A3?
Identity of "shorter" M1903A3?
Meaning of "GSSA" on possible rebuild M1903?
Information on 938,000 range M1903 with cheekpiece?
Information on 1,438,000 range M1903 with K60 scope?
Information sought on 1,460,000 range M1903?
838,000 SA M1903 "ancestry?
20,000 range RIA M1903 a sniper rifle? Markings info?
X below "P" on 3.4M M1903A3?
Information sought on 88,000 range SA M1903?
SA 1,350,000 range M1903 a "straight issue"?
Information on 386,000 range RIA M1903.?
Straight bolt on 912,000 SA M1903 safe to use?
Identity and age of U.S. bayonet? Cleaning hints?
3,032,000 Remington M1903 information sought?
Meaning of AOB and RIA/EB on M1903A3?
CAI ST. stamp on M1903 barrel - meaning?
411,000 range M1903 a .22?
831,000 range M1903 safe to shoot with modern ammo?
M1917 Eddystone with AAA on stock?
794,000 range M1903 in the "safe to shoot" range?
337,000 range M1903 safe to shoot or anything "special"?
M1903 Mark I a VFW/parade rifle?
1903 Mark I in 7mm?
Would like information on 1,436,000 range sporterized M1903?
Rarity of Mark Is and importance of date/serial numbers?
NRA Sporter serial number ranges?
1,500,000 range M1903 with 1942 bbl. a "shooter"?
"Nat Ord. 500,000" range rifle info?
221,000 M1903 a "collector?
Manufacture date of 3,230,000 Remington M1903?
M1903 3700 range rifle with "quartermaster's star"?
RIA M1903 24,000 range in "very good" condition?
SA M1903 in 294,000 range: value, history and parts needed?
1,443,000 range M1903 - year of manufacture and other information?
"Nice" sporterized 157,000 range M1903 information and worth?
Remington 03-A3 in 4.99M serial range?
Help in finding legit M1903 parts?
U.S. troops in N. Africa: M1 or M1903?
1279000 range M1903 a Greek return?
"Star in circle" on Winchester M1917 receiver?
3,130,000 range Remington M1903 a 1954 NM?
Selling M1903 with W-S sight in France?
Replacement for father's M1903A1 stock?
Grandfather's Remington M1917 rifle - information?
353,000 range RIA M1903 information?
M1903 with 9-41 USMC marked barrel and scope?
218,000 range Krag information?
Information about 610,000 range M1903?
"History" of 105,000 range Springfield M1903?
3500-range Springfield M1903 worth restoring?
1370000 range M1903A1 with 8-30 barrel?
1245000 range M1903 information and value?
889,000 range M1903 with FJA stock?
Value and information of a 869,000 range M1903?
Number of parts on a M1903?
1460000 range a late 1942 rebuild?
1,181,000 1903 sporter a Sedgely?
1906 RIA with no markings on barrel?
Value/information of Springfield M1903 in 1247000 range?
3,590,000 range M1903A3 in "proper configuration"?
"Old bayonet" of uncles from WWII?
5,015,000 1903A3 "unusual"?
Another M1903 in 1,440,000 range - care, removal of bolt, etc.?
Need history of M1903 in 1,446,000 range?
Information sought on 3,140,000 range Remington M1903.?
Clip needed for sporterized M1903 -?
387,000 range M1903 with LS stamp on stock?
"C type" full length stock goes to what rifle?
"Model 10" 1903 stock i.d.?
"National Ordnance"-marked 03A3 rifle information with 8-44 barrel?
830,000 range with USMC front.rear sights a USMC rifle?
Rock Island M1903 310,000 range M1903 worth?
36,000 range M1903 "quite valuable"?
"03A2 information?"?
Cut-down 624,000 M1903 "made like this"?
Maker of Rock Island M1903 in 404,000 range?
Information sought on safety of 469,000 range M1903?
Information on Santa Fe-marked Rock Island M1903?
Markings/finish on early M1903A4 sight base?
3,340,000 range M1903 in .257 Roberts?
Will a Springfield bolt fit in a Rock Island rifle?
Information about Grandfather's sporterized Remington M1903?
Difficulty in closing bolt on Remington M1903?
Stock markings on 966,000 range M1903?
212,000 range M1903 with 12-44 barrel safe to fire?
Rock Island M1903 with RA 7-43 barrel and Bishop stock?
M1903 in .45 ACP?
Rock Island M1903 in 275,000 range unsafe to fire?
Information on US Remington in 3,053,000 range?
M1903 safety won't work with scope?
Worth of so-called "Tanker Garand" M1?
60,000 range Remington M1917 original or arsenal rebuild?
Problems with Raritan-marked M1903 ejecting cartridge?
RIA production - did it stop befor my 384,000 range M1903 was made?
250,000-270,000 range RIA with 1942 SA barrel questions?
Value and age of Santa Fe 1903?
1.289M M1903 in original condition? Value?
195 on Sedgely M1903?
1932 barrel on 783,000 M1903 a rebarrel?
Milled trigger guard original on 3.48M M1903A3?
Value and another stock for 306,000 SA M1903?
1916 M1903 in 615,000 with JSA on the stock?
Information on Remington M1903 in 3,310,000 range?
"AAD" stamp on M1903A3 stock origin?
Detai drawings to build a M1903 receiver?
Value of M1903A3 in 3,510,000 range?
Markings ahead of trigger on M1903A3?
Sporterized Smith Corona with a 6-groove barrel?
1.26 million range with "flash suppressor" on muzzle - worth?
Value of 234,000 Rock Island with "IJA" stock?
Stamped tgrigger guard on 501,000 range M1903?
Questions about a 411,000 range RIA M1903 with AV barrel?
Value of 2000-range M1903 and is it safe to fire?
3,177,000 rifle correct and safe to shoot?
NS-marked bolt body for M1903?
206,000 range RIA with different stock and "looks"?
Composition of steel of M14-type bayonet?
163,000 range SA M1903 type of stock and safe to shoot?
Correct caliber of Remington M1903 in 3,340,000 range?
1,370,000 range M1903 with no markings?
Inherited Remington M1903 3,280,000 information, value?
Information and price on Remington M1903 "in the 30700000" range?
Markings and value on 138,000 range RIA M1903?
History of 462,000 range M1903?
Safety on right side on sporterized Remington M1903A3?
AOB stamp on SC M1903A3?
Value of 74,000 Springfield M1903?
Publication that identifies M1903 proofs and markings?
Installing a fixed rear sight base on a sporterized '03?
307,000 range RIA M1903 correct?
Information on Remington M1903 in 3,016,000 range?
No rifling near muzzle of 3,850,000 range M1903A3?
Date of manufacture of Rock Island 27,000 range M1903?
RLB stock "rebuilding" mark on Remington M1903?
M1903A4 upper bands Parkerized?
320,000 range Rock Island with 4-42 SA bbl. worth?
560,000 Springfield M1903 with 1912 Rock Island barrel?
780,000 range M1903 with 1919 barrel?
298,000 range chromed M1903?
Value of Rock Island 338,000 range with SA 1938 barrel?
Worth of M1903 in 289,000 range?
Information on 348,000 range sporterized M1903?
Worth/information of Rock Island 311,000 range M1903?
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03A3 stock with AAK stamp?
Sell Rock Island 232,000 range sporter?
Information on cut-down 1,099,000 range Mark I?
A100-marked M1903?
What is a Star Gauge barrel?
U.S. 1917 bayonet identification?
Restoring a sporterized M1903A3 - value and cost?
Which commercial hunting ammunition is similar to military M2?
Identifying .30 caliber corrosive ammunition?
Finding a detachable magazine for a M1903A3?
Identity of Smith-Corona sub-contractor parts?
970,000 range M1903 value with 1933 SA barrel?
Information sought on M1903 in 875,000 range with HS barrel?
NZ-marked Remington M1903 in 3,064,000 range?
A "No. 1 Mk. 3" stock fitting a M1917 Enfield?
70,000-range SA M1903 with 12-18 Springfield barrel?
RIA M1903 with 11-06 barrel?
Smith-Corona with USMC background?
Information/value of 326,000 range '03?
278,000 sporterized Rock Island safe to shoot?
M1903 Mark I reworked at Springfield Armory during WWII?
Remington M1903 with no rear sight?
3.9M Rem 03A3 with SC barrel original?
Information and value of Remington M1903 in 3,340,000 range?
Safe to shoot 488,000 range M1903 sporter?
M1903A3 in 3,900,000 range safe to shoot and any value?
"1902" Santa Fe?
Smith Corona M1903A3 with RRA stamp purchased?
3,110,000 range M1903 - what do I have?
597,000 range M1903 an NRA Sporter?
587,000 Springfield with 1-42 barrel?
992,000 SA M1903 with HS barrel?
Information on sporterized Remington 3,130,000 range?
RIA M1903 with Sedgely markings?
1929-1930 M1903 with 1920 barrel?
Value of RIA M1903 329,000 range?
311,000 range RIA M1903 ammunition?
"Other markings" on 910,000 range M1903?
"Valuable" M1 Carbine?
Springfield M1903 with "original scope"?
Information on Remington M1903 3,067,000 range?
Rock Island '03 with scope and Sedgely barrel safe to use?
Value of 259,000 M1903 with 1917 barrel?
Information on M1903 Mark I in 1,089,000 range?
408,000 RIA M1903 with AV barrel?
Information on 1,317,000 range M1903?
Owning a M1903 for target-shooting - where to start?
Information on grandfather's mid 200,000 range sporterized Rock Island M1903?
Smith-Corona M1903A3 in 3,690,000 range safe to shoot?
Meaning of USMC on Sedgely barrels?
RIA M1903 in 223,000 range safe to shoot?
Another Santa Fe 1903A3 question?
235,000 range SA M1903 safe to fire?
Information on dad's Springfield M1903 Mark I?
5,003,000 range Santa Fe 1903 information?
"M1 sniper rifle" for $1700?
History of M1903 #834971 "in .244 caliber"?
Changing M1903A3 to a sniper model - bolt question?
59,000 range Rock Island M1903 with 1907 barrel?
Questions about RIA 292,000 M1903 with RA 8-43 barrel?
"Remington Springfield" 1903 questions?
Information on newly-purchased SC M1903A3 with 8/42 Remington barrel?
Getting a "piece of history" for the gun club - a M1903 or M1903A3?
$5 Remington M1903 found at yard sale - information?
"1917 Springfield III" information sought?
Value of 53,000-range M1903 with 7-18 RIA barrel?
What "grain load" would be safe to shoot in 1943 M1903A3?
Purpose of cocking piece, safety lock and cutoff?
Year of manufacture for 3,760,000 range M1903A3?
Rifle with 4-42 barrel a USMC - Guadalcanal?
Nat. Ordnance 1903 with SA 1944 barrel information?
Very tight M1903 rear sight?
Replace or recrown barrel on CMP RIA rifle?
1,374,000 range M1903 a National Match?
"USMC sniper rifle" found in England - questions?
Marking information on new Remington M1903A3?
Manufacture year of Springfield M2 .22 rifle?
Looking to buy a Remington M1903 with Type C stock?
Value of 365,000 range Rock Island M1903?
Identity of "flat" buttplate?
Reproduction available of parts container for M1903?
Need floorplate and case for Remington M1903?
Information sought about 140,000 range Rock Island M1903?
Date of manufacture of 500,000 range Eddystone M1917?
981,000 M1903 with 5-44 barrel?
Is a 422,000 range Rock Island M1903 sporterized?
Using Dad's American Legion M1903?
My Remington M1903 a .308?
Cannot close bolt when cartride is in chamber on '03?
Origins of SA 581,000 M1903 and safe to fire?
Manufacturer dates on Winchester M1 parts?
Questions on grandfather's 1.4M M1903 SA?
M1903 caliber?
3,021,000 range Remington M1903 information?
1,313,000 range M1903 with SA/SPG stock info?
776,000 information?
RIA 412,000 range with 10-42 barrel and strange stock?
82,000 range Rock Island date of manufacture?
Have a 3,139,000 Remington with SA 9-44 barrel?
Determining type of M1903 my stock is for?
Value/worth of so-call Springfield "Air Service" magazine?
SA M1903 427,000 range safe to shoot?
Information requested about 421,000 range Rock Island M1903?
27,000 range Rock Island '03 safe to shoot?
Grandfather's Remington M1903?
1,247,000 range M1903 safe to shoot?
"Releasing bolt from receiver"?
1,160,000 "M1903A1" worth?
Information on Rock nIsland 1903 with 6-44 RA barrel?
"M1903A3 bolt action" Smith Corona background sought?
Eddystone 1,000,000 range manufacture date?
"Omaha"-marked M1903 value?
3,530,000 range '03 safe to fire?
History and information about SA M1903 in the 1,457,000 range?
Value for sporterized 13,000 range SA M1903?
Correct stock for a 911,000 range M1903?
M1903 bolt stuck in "single shot" mode!?
Serial # ranges of Scant stock use on M1903A4s?
4,130,000 range 03A3 with 4-43 barrel, bayonet?
Smooth buttplates and years of use on M1903s?
Information sought on 5,000 range SA M1903?
4,787,000 range SC 03A3 information?
Shooting a .300 Savage cartridge in a M1903?
"V-style" or peep sight better on M1903?
Chance to buy possible M1903 National Match?
157,000 range Rock Island 1903 double heat-treated?
Information sought about M1903 sears with holes?
Capital Ms under a "circle P" on M1903?
Correct stock, rear sight, for 1,490,000 range M1903?
Information on 347,000 range Springfield '03?
Source for buying M1903s for "hunting, shooting, etc."?
Different sight marks and heights for a M1903A3 front sight?
"Owners Manual" for SC M1903A3?
Correct oil to use on M1903 stock?
4,750,000 range Smith Corona with 3-44 Remington barrel?
M1903 to .300 Mag caliber?
872,000 range M1903 with HS barrel information?
Dollar value of a 399,000 Springfield 1903?
Rock Island M1903 in "fair shape"?
A "faithful copy" of an original M1903?
SC M1903A3 "thrown together"?
942,000 range M1903 "100%"?
Purchase of a Remington 320,000 range M1903 safe to shoot?
924,000 range M1903 with 7-34 barrel?
"Age and value" of a 3.1M Remington M1903?
Enfield stripper clips on a M1903A3?
Smith Corona M1903A3 #4,750,000 range info?
Right stock for 922,000 range M1903?
"Fair" condition 55,000 range SA M1903?
3,200,000 range rifle sporterized by Jager?
400,000 range RIA M1903 finished at Springfield?
Low-numbered SA with unmarked barrel?
Correct bolt for Smith-Corona M1903A3?
Remington Model of 1917" questions?
Nickeled 764,000 M1903 safe to shoot?
942,000 range M1903 information sought?
Sporterized '03 with "850" on receiver?
M1903A4 maker's markings location?
16.25" bayonet with "T" and "ERN"?
1,498,000 range M1903 information and value?
a 1,213,000 SA with a Lyman rear sight a good deal?
1903A3 with Sants Fe receiver safe to shoot?
Sporterized M1903 witrh Santa Fe barrel?
Markings on bottom of M1903 receiver?
"Never been fired" 303,000 range Rock Island information?
Have a Remington M1903 - what the meaning of the "M' in "M1903"?
Chromed Smith Corona problems and worth?
Information on AV-marked barrel on M1903?
First use of non-grasping groove S stocks?
613,000 SA with NRA markings anything special?
591,000 range M1903 markings and information?
Correct barrel date for 325,000 range Rock Island '03?
M1903 a "Special Target Rifle"?
"Unfired" 1939 M1903A1 value?
Rock Island M1903 with 1932 star gauge barrel?
HS barrel for M1903A4?
Correct Remington 03A4?
Year that M1903 was adopted?
SA M1903 Mark I with "SA/CAW" stock info?
Chromed Remington M1903 in 3,220,000 range worth/information?
398,000 M1903 safe to shoot?
Information and markings on 1,257,000 range SA M1903?
Information sought on M1903A3 in the 4,180,000 range?
Springfield Model 1898 information sought?
Use of the M1903 by Marines on Guadalcanal? Types used?
"Hair trigger" on M1903?
Difficulty of match brass to feed in a M1903?
232,000 range SA M1903 history/information?
1,093,000 M1903 safe to shoot?
AAJ on M1903 grasping groove stock?
"Documented" Trapdoor rifles?
Information about a 15,000 range Rock Island 1903?
Front sight on my 877,000 SA M1903?
Recently acquired RIA 262,000-range M1903 information?
1,268,000 range M1903 worth restoring?
Blueprints for making a M1903?
Bayonet attachment on M1 carbines date?
Grasping groove stocks used during post-WWII overhauls?
Smith Corona 03A3 with Monte Carlo stock?
Which M1903 rifle (of two) to sell?
1,151,000 range M1903 NOT a National Match?
Accessories for the butt trap of a M1903?
Value of 187,000 range RIA M1903?
K stamp at recess for cutoff "switch"?
"Shield over the front sight post" of my M1903A3?
M1903 Springfield "en francais"?
History of Remington M1903 in 3,075,000 range?
218,000 range Rock Island M1903 collectible?
Remington M1903 is 3,820,000 range questions?
Manufacture date and value of Remington M1903 in 3,046,000 range?
"500K" M1903 safe to shoot?
Sporterized 885,000 range M1903 worth?
"Date of origin" for 1,534,000 range M1903?
Correct barrel for M1903A4 sniper rifle?
Purpose of magazine cutoff and '3rd swivel" on M1903?
M or W under bolt handle of RIA M1903?
Shooting tracer rounds from an '03?
Value of my Smith-Corona M1903A3?
387,000 range RIA M1903 safe to shoot?
"Bored" barrel for a reclaimed drill rifle?
91,000 RIA '03 with HS barrel - HS barrel??
423,000 range RIA '03 with Monte Carlo stock?
Date of manufacture for M1903, M1917 and P1914 rifles?
Last Springfield M1 Garands manufactured?
Information/worth of 578,000 range M1903?
M1903 with RF Sedgely barrel?
1903 "sniper" rifle?
History of 386,000 range RIA '03?
87,000 Rock Island M1903 safe to shoot?
194,000 Range M1903 with 1942 barrel?
How correct is my M1903 Mark I?
807,000 Range SA M1903 information?
Selling an inherited Remington M1903?
504,000 range M1903 safe to fire?
152,000 range M1903 all right to shoot?
SC 03A3 buttplate original to Remington M1903A3?
Finishing Smith Corona stocks during WWII?
1475000 rifle from the DCM?
Worth value of 400,000 range SA M1903 in ex. condition?
Restoring a Remington M1903?
Late Remington M1903 with D1836 on stock?
61,000 range M1903 with 2/12 barrel?
4-digit RIA '03 value?
3,500,000 range M1903A3 correct?
Removing front sight on M1903?
Origins/information on 1,211,000 range SA M1903?
Replacement magazine for M1903A3 in .22 caliber?
Manufacture date of Remington 3,3M M1903?
Rock Island 423K receiver with SA barrel?
Restore Springfield M1903 with Redfield sights?
NRA Sporter?
"How do I buy a M1903?"?
"Fully correct" Remington M1903A3?
Low-numbered Springfield receiver with RIA barrel and stock?
Cocking piece for 1,370,000 range M1903?
Remington M1903 won't feed cartridges?
Information on 160,000 range SA M1903?
Winchester M1917 information?
More desirable: A sporterized Remington M1903A3 or an SA M1903?
"Special" Rock Island M1903?
SA M1903 in 1,206,000 range safe to shoot?
M1903 barrel "twist" rate?
Remilitarizing a 1.2M SA M1903?
294,000 range RIA '03 questions?
Family 30-40 Krag information sought?
Information about dad's rifle?
Smith Corona M1903A3 history/information?
Location of a correct stock for a 399,000 range Springfield M1903?
Type of stock for 403,000 range Rock Island M1903?
Winchester M1917 with original Eddystone 8-18 barrel?
82,000 SA "fancy" numbers a re-numbering job?
3,099,000 range Remington M1903 information?
Information sought on two M1903s - an RIA and a SA?
M1911 pistol from 1916?
National Ordnance 1903A8?
Remington M1903 3,030,000 range safe to shoot?
Remington M1903 an A1?
M1903 Rear ladder sight diagram?
Remington M1903A3 with polished bolt?
Remington with HS barrel and C stock? M1917?
Springfield with 03A3 trigger guard original?
1903 with 10 round magazine?
RIA M1903 with bent bolt?
Date of manufacture for M1 carbine?
Special sniper ammo used during WWI?
Location of RIA 285,507?
995,000 M1903 questions?
$250 03A3 action into rifle?
M1903 stock and barrel markings?
Rock Island TG letters?
3.36 M M1903A3 information?
Finish and markings of rear sight base?
900,000 range M1903 "NRA Sport version"?
Questions from France about a Springfield M1903?
#744 Rock Island M1903 information?
Low numbered RIA with 1944 HS barrel?
M1903 in 300 Magnum?
380,000 range M1903 with R-marked bolt?
M1903 fingergroove stock with J marking?
M1903A4 with Rock Island stamp?
A Remington and Smith-Corona for sale: which to buy?
Remington M1903A3 with RA-stamped C stock?
300,000 SA with 1909 barrel worth purchasing?
Late family M1903 an NRA rifle?
SC rifle with 20" barrel - worth?
Rock Island M1903 with 1942 SA barrel?
Great uncle's M1903 barrel markings?
USMC National Match M1903?
Eddystone M1917 unsafe to fire?
Markings on Trapdoor 1873 buttstock?
Buying a sporter Remington M1903 as a gift?
Remington M1903 with 20" barrel?
Grandfather's 302,000 range Rock Island M1903?
#166 M1903 information sought?
223,000 range M1903 safe to shoot? Value?
M1903 "front barrel guard" is cracked?
3,750,000 range M1903A3 with Williams rear sight information?
5,000,000 M1903A3 info sought?
Buying a Lyman rear sight?
Winchester M1917 with some R-marked parts?
13,000 range Rock Island M1903 informartion?
Early M1903 with AV barrel safe to shoot?
Getting a replacement stock for a sporterized M1903 in the 1,250,000 range?
M1917 Eddystone stock markings?
234,000 range Rock Island M1903?
179,000 M1903?
1,317,000 range M1903 with 1942 barrel?
Rock Island 339,000 range M1903?
Information on Rock Island 30-06?
Information sought on two M1903 rifles?
1930 rifle with 1944 SA barrel info?
Estimated value of Springfield 30-06?
530,000 Springfield M1903 worth?
"Never fire" a low numbered M1903?
9-43 Remington M1903A3 information sought?
1,370,000 range NRA Sporter?
NRA Sporter with Monte Carlo stock?
650,000 SA M1903 with 8-44 barrel?
History of a M1903 with only a serial number?
M1903 barrel "welded" on?
Strength of SC 03A3 pinned stock?
M1903A3 a "collector" or "shooter"?
ANOTHER Smith-Corona!?
Smith's Smith Corona?
Value of Smith-Corona M1903A3?
MODERATOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Using proper email addresses!!?
Mark I rifle with sporterized stock and HS barrel?
Difference between Springfield "1903A3" stocks and Remington stocks?
Composite stocks on M1903s?
Value estimate for a M1903 Mark I in 30-06?
Springfield 1922 Parkerizing question?
JA-marked M1903 stock?
Value of 3,010,000-range Remington M1903?
Clarification on 217,000 range SA M1903?
Looking to buy a 1907 M1903?
CB over 73 on M1903?
Information sought on 3,400,000 range M1903A3?
Building up a M1903 with later, a Winchester A5 scope?
5,000,000 range 1903 bought for $75?
Installing 1943 Remington barrel on Rock Island '03?
Using Sarco 2- and 4-groove barrels to restore M1903A3?
1,215,000 SA questions?
M1903 not loading cartridges correctly?
Grandfather's M1903A3 information?
Date of manufacture of 1,390,000 range SA M1903?
225,000 range SA M1903 information?
Different front sight for a M1903 Mark I?
1936 "Springfield" worth?
M1903 in 5,000,000 range?
Restamped low number M1903?
Original barrel/receiver M1917?
Sporterized "Nat Ord" 1903?
Sporterized 3,050,000 range Remington M1903?
M1903 without markings?
3210000 Remington questions?
Step-father's M1903 with no serial number?
M1903 "Marksmanship Program" rifle?
Questions on 1.47 Million M1903?
Looking for a good shotter/collector M1903?
Information on 1,020,000 range M1903?
3.5 Million M1903A3 information?
Sporterized M1903 barrel band?
SA 1942 barrel on Remington M1903?
WSJ-marked 1907 bayonet?
10-18 barrel on Winchester M1917 original?
Brass disc on M1917 Winchester stock?
Markings on M1917?
Information on 1,270,000 range SA M1903?
History and restoring tips on a M1903 Mark I?
307,000 SA M1903 safe to shoot?
Markings on 227,000 SA M1903?
5,000,000 range M1903 sporter info?
Value of sporterized Smith Corona M1903A3?
Replace early bolt on above 800,000 M1903?
RIA/SA M1903 worth $795?
Modified 5,000,000 range Springfield M1903?
Incomplete Remington 1903 information sought?
Date of manufacture and information on M1903 Remington?
Value/info on M1903 bought on Marine base?
Correct stock for a M1903 Mark I?
Belgian M1903 in 30-03?
New Springfield in NRA Sporter range?
Markings on June, 1943 M1903A3 - what do they mean?
Value of a "Springfield" Remington M1903 rifle?
M1903A3 "combination" correct?
Information on a 3,140,000 range M1903?
Using the rear sight on a M1903?
Purchased M1 Garand with odd markings?
Inherited Remington M1903?
"1903A1" with no markings?
Choice between Remington M1903 and M1917?
Rebuilt early Remington M1903 with Scant stock?
When and where was my Remington 1903 made?
RIA 370,000 range receiver with SA barrel?
Two M1903s from my dad?
Remington M1903 with Santa Fe markings?
M1903s in 1920s-30s made for civilians only?
RIA 200,000 range M1903 with AV barrel?
Sniper rifles made up in Europe?
Springfield M1903 most accurate range?
Smith Corona M1903A3 questions asked?
93,000 range '03 safe to shoot?
Possible National Match M1903 with bad bore - what to do?
Grandfather's RIA M1903 information sought
M1903A3 made in 1942 with 10-43 barrel?
Trying to sell a 307,000 range M1903?
Inherited M1903 good for deer?
Value and information on SC M1903A3 rifle?
Information on 3,760,000 range M1903A3 sought?
RIA M1903 with 12-41 Springfield barrel?
Late M1903A3 with shot-out barrel?
Smih Corona stock markings?
373,000 Rock Island with SA barrel?
Remington M1903 with no barrel marings and no sights?
CMP M1903s from VFW and American Legion?
Santa Fe M1903A3?
Sporterized 640,000 M1903 information?
Low numbered M1903 with AV-marked barrel?
M1903 Mark I info sought?
"New" Springfield M1903 with hunting stock?
M1903 with no "1903"?
M1903A3 stocks with "SS" stamp?
Winchester M1917 - date of manufacture and worth?
Markings on a M1917 Eddysone?
Purchasing a bayonet for a M1903 and price?
National Ordnance 1903 information?
History of Remington 3,180,000 range M1903 available?
Right stock for Remington M1903?
Smith Corona with Lyman on barrel?
Scant stock questions?
1903A4 sniper rifle with Weaver variable scope?
Stamped or milled parts on a Remington M1903 receiver?
1913 RIA M1903 value?
Manufacture date of RIA 320,000 range?
SS/1919 stamp on M1917?
Remington M1917 questions?
Late RIA M1903 with RA-P stock stamp?
Identity of father-in-law's deer rifle?
Step grandfather's sporterized M1903?
Date of manufacture of Remington 4,080,000 M1903A3?
S.O.G. "welded" receivers safety?
Springfield "Air Service" rifle question?
252,000 RIA M1903 safe to shoot?
Repro M1903A4 available?
A C-stamped Smith Corona worth?
When was my 1.5 million range M1903 built?
Value of sporterized M1903?
A Winchester M1917 bayonet "fit" question?
1.32M range M1903 rifle a DCM?
Rock Island M1903 with 1943 barrel?
"Who was my M1 issued to?"?
539,000 range M1903 with holes in receiver?
Remington sniper rifle?
Engaging safety on M1903?
Low numbered SA M1903 with RIA barrel safe to shoot?
Worth of RIA M1903 with earlier (?) stock?
Identification of CHJ stamp on late M1903?
Seeking M1903A3 replacement stock?
Value of 1931 M1903?
Value/price of 50,000 range M1903?
RIA M1903 sporterized rifle with replaced barrel?
Manufacture date of Remington M1903?
"Keyes C stock" on M1903A3?
M1903 with E forward of barrel bands?
1903A1 with pinned floorplate?
Dad's Winchester M1917 worth?
Information on sighting in a M1903?
Removing M1903 stock?
1942 U.S. bayonet worth?
M1903 sporter obtained in trade?
Sporterized Rock Island M1903 questions?
Finish for a dry stock?
Late Springfield M1903 with early RIA barrel?
150,000 range M1903 with Lyman rear sight?
Rock Island "03-A3" - safe to shoot?
M1903A3 with 1 overstamp?
Ladder sight setting for 100-200 yards on M1903?
RIA M1903 owned by former Marine?
Very early Remington M1903 question?
Original stock, scope and rings for M1903A4?
Philippine M1903?
Sporterized M1903 evaluation?
Late M1903A3 with pinned stock?
Buying a high numbered Rock Island M1903 a good idea?
Replacing/installing M1903 ejector?
1930 Springfield with SA/GAW stock?
M1903A3 rear sight protector?
"Semi-circular" cutout on M1903 receiver?
"Non-invasive" scope for Remington M1903?
Markings on 812,000 range M1903?
Correct scope/mount on WWI/Korean M1903A4?
"Safe"1903 with HS barrel?
Correct Mark I bolt?
Finger grove stocks on M1903s?
Purchasing a Lyman 48 rear sight for a M1903?
Extracting bolt screws from M1903 stock?
1,190,000 range information sought?
Inherited Springfield M1903 questions?
Remington M1903 with N/Z stamp?
NRA sporting rifle with 1943 barrel?
Value of M1903 with Monte Carlo stock?
Springfield 1903 made by Remington?
Rock Island 1903 with Williams rear sight?
Information sought on Remington bolt-action 30.06?
Identification of U.S. Army bayonet?
539,000 range M1903 safe to shoot?
M1903 purchased from Coast Guard friend?
1934 M1903 information?
Using Match ammunition with a low-numbered M1903?
3,095,000 range Remington M1903 information?
400,000 range SA unsafe to fire?
Unable to load 30-06 cartridge in Remington M1903?
"Hatcher hole" on right side of RIA '03 receiver?
Questions on 411,000 range SA M1903?
Remington M1903 from neighbor's basement?
British M1903 Mk I never proof-tested?
Selling cut-down M1903A4?
Information on my father's M1903?
Value of 1901 receiver "in the white"?
Turning an early M1903 back into a od Bayonet rifle?
875000 range M1903 "history"?
Manufacture date and history of M1903 "deer rifle"?
Barrel markings on M1903?
5,000,000 range "Springfield" 1903 safe to fire?
M1903 with "BS 8"?
1,204,000 range M1903 with USMC barrel?
Sighting in M1903?
Inherited M1903 information sought?
Correct arsenal rebuid M1903?
Remington M1903 "Match" rifle?
Modified M1903A4 - change stock or sell as-is?
196,000 range SA M1903 with 1944 barrel?
1903 sporter?
1.020,000 range M1903 safe to shoot?
58,000 range Rock Island M1903?
Origins of uncle's Remington M1903?
1918 Rock Island with SA 1918 barrel - correct/original?
Date of manufacture of 3,280,000 range Remington M1903?
M1903 with 18" barrel?
Remington M1917 information?
Remington M1903 with HS barrel?
Information on 1911 M1903 sought?
Factory ammo for M1903?
1,298,000 range M1903 at Cabelas?
Rebuilt Eddystone M1917?
Question on 347,000 range RIA M1903?
5M "Springfield"?
Mark I with 1942 barrel and scant stock - how rare?
"Mint condition" M1903 Mark I?
Field-stripping a M1903 Mark I?
290,000 range RIA M1903 with SA/JFC stock?
Sights for 3,023,000 range Remington M1903?
359,000 range RIA M1903 information?
Date of manufacture of 3,360,000 range Remington M1903?
SC under scope on sporterized M1903A3?
Disassembly of Rock Island M1903 bolt?
Correct bolt for RIA M1903 in 316,000 range?
Year of mfg. and value of 850,000 range M1903?
Date of manufacture of 700,000 range M1903?
DCM M1903A3 more value in the box?
Information on sporterized M1903 Mark I requested?
1903A2 with brass bushing - collector value?
Rebuilt RIA with "straight" bolt i.d.?
1920 barrel with WL84R stamp?
1.5M M1903 with GHD stamp?
1,274,000 range M1903 worth more than $750?
old 1,180,000 sporterized SA 1903?
Remington M1903 with HS barrel?
Later Springfield M1903 with 1915 barrel?
Inherited Remington M1903 3,170,000 range rifle?
3,002,000 range Remington M1903 date of manufacture?
Shooting a 9-17 M1903?
5,000,000 range M1903 Mark I?
Slight "swell" on sporterized SC barrel?
AV barrel on 1,239,000 M1903 questions?
1,261,000 range M1903 with star gauge barrel?
"1903 Springfield sporter rifle rimfire"?
1918 M1903 with 1942 barrel?
Grandfather's 80,000 range M1903 questions.?
"New" Remington M1903A3?
Mark I NRA Sporter?
Austrian-customized M1903?
Gunshow M1903 with Nat. Ord. markings?
Inherited 500,000 range Springfield M1903?
SC M1903A3 bolt markings?
No barrel date on 1,239,000 range M1903?
Santa Fe in .300 Magnum?
361,000 range Rock Island M1903 safe to fire?
Symbols on stock of M1903A3?
784,000 SA M1903 a "low number"?
All Smith-Corona M1903A3?
Question on sling for Rock Island M1903?
New to a M1903A3?
Information on 1,092,000 range M1903?
41,000 RIA M1903 information sought?
Questions on 222,000 Range SA M1903?
Barreled receiver marked "M1903A2"?
Sergeant major's "gift" RIA M1903 information and value?
"Sporter style" M1903 an NRA Sporter?
M1903s: one stock bolt vs. two?
1903A3 with rear dovetail ground down?
1.238M 1903A1 worth?
Idea of worth for 1.238M M1903?
NRA Sporter M1903?
Remington M1903 3.3M questions?
Value of a 1901 bayonet?
Value of a 03-A3 rifle?
Information on brother's gift of a M1903?
227,000 range Rock Island information?
Using Bluebook to est. value of a M1903?
400,000 range M1903 a "looker" or shooter"?
"Navy" Remington M1903?
Smith Corona M1903A3 questions?
908,000 SA M1903 questions?
419,000 range Rock Island M1903 questions?
Alvin York's rifle?
3,200,000 range Remington M1903 history and worth?
Looking at two Remington M1903s to buy?
Looking for a 03A3 receiver and action?
944,000 SA M1903 information?
M1903 Springfield in .308 caliber?
B&S marked bolt correct for a Smith-Corona M1903A3?
3,900,000 Remington M1903A3 info & book?
SC M1903A3 with "C" prefix in serial number?
53,000 RIA with 29 SA barrel?
"SC M1903A4" with 11/43 barrel?
Bolt on M1903A3 with "2" under the handle?
Rock Island M1903 with "strange" ammo?
BAWI-marked M1903 from battleship?
Remington M1903A3 with 5-44 barrel?
M1917 Eddystone worth?
Replace barrel for 1920 M1903 Springfield?
"Montgomery Ward" M1903 information sought?
HS marking on barrel?
Remington M1903 3,080,000 range information?
1,534,000 range M1903 information?
'03 sporter, French ammunition deal?
1903A3 parts marking page?
3,240,000 range Remington M1903 parts question?
"Original condition" Rem. M1903 3,110,000 value?
Discerning a 1920 Star Gauge barrel?
Buying a Smith-Corona - characteristics to look for?
236,000 range sporterized RIA M1903 information?
Remington M1903 3,250,000 range rifle information and caliber?
Mysterious "Springfield 1903" with lever-type safety?
RLB stamped stock on low numbered M1903?
Pointers in purchasing a M1903A3?
Recently acquired 24,000 range Rock Island M1903 value?
"Bolt trouble" with 1,241,000 range M1903?
1,290,000 SA M1903 questions?
300,000 range RIA M1903 questions?
RIA M1903 263,000 information sought?
What rifles go with M1903 serial numbers?
Santa Fe Deluxe Mauser value?
Remington M1903 sniper rifle?
Rock Island M1903 five-digit rifle value?
1950s DCM low numbered Springfield worth?
Restoring a M1917 rifle?
Low number M1903 with 7-42 SA barrel?
Who was my 3,370,000 range rifle issued to?
6-9 or 9-6 M1903 barrel?
206,000 range sporterized M1903 questions?
M1903A3 with 20" barrel?
5-44 RA with Santa Fe stamp?
Bayonet for Rock Island M1903?
1910 RIA M1903 with NRA-marked trigger guard?
Stock "initials" on rebuilt M1917?
.22 insert for Smith-Cornona M1903A3?
M1903 rear sight questions?
Remington M1917 with "OCEK" stamp?
"Springfield Remington" M1917 information sought?
1,395,000 range M1903 an NRA Sporter?
491,000 range SA M1903 information?
Value/information of 210,000 range SA M1903?
M1903 Mark I NRA Sporter?
Picking out a Smith-Corona M1903A3?
5,000,000 range 1903 questions?
French question regarding finish of M1903A3?
Sporterized 03A3 receiver info?
576,000 cut down M1903 questions?
1,445,000 range M1903 information sought?
RIA M1903 294,000 worth?
Sporterized Smith Corona M1903A3 value?
M1903 with .22 barrel?
160,000 range M1903 with Sedgely barrel?
M1903 bolt disassembly instructions?
430,000 range M1903 with HS barrel?
739,000 range M1903 for data list?
Meaning of FJA on M1903A3?
638,000 range M1903 value?
Markings in front of trigger guard on Remington M1903A3?
Remington 03A3 received from CMP?
3,084,000 range Remington M1903 information?
Rifle used by great uncle in World War I?
3180000 range Springfield question?
Remington M1903 cleaning kit?
Re-heat-treated 268,000 M1903?
Low numbered M1903 with RA 7-44 barrel info?
268,000 range M1903 with HS barrel info sought?
1902 Krag with "ILA" on stock?
3,220,000 range Remington M1903 information sought?
.338 M1903?
Assembling a M1903 from scratch?
"C" on Smith-Corona serial number?
3,300,000 range Remington M1903 sporter hunting rifle?
Identifying 3,850,000 range Remington M1903A3?
4,840,000 range Smith-Corona M1903A3 questions?
3,029,000 range Remington M1903 questions?
Remington M1903A3 with 4-44 barrel?
Found M1903A3 in attic?
Lend/Lease M1903 Springfield?
June 1943 M1903A3?
??"Ordnance M1903A1"?
Large vs. small windage knobs?
Sporterized M1903 in 706,000 range?
Manufacture date of M1?
Adding information to data base?
Springfield 311,000 month/year of manufacture?
Information on 3,017,000 range Remington M1903?
Finish correct on Remington M1903?
Value of 1,280,000 range scoped M1903?
"Tank Officers" .45?
Rock Island M1903 with NRA Sporter stock?
M1903A3 3,400,000 range with modified military stock?
Total number of M1903 manufactured?
Springfield with Type C stock and 8-44 barrel?
Remington M1903 with "PW-BI" on stock?
Father's 3,130,000 range M1903 info?
Information/value of Remington M1903 3,300,000 range rifle?
Brown Bakelite grips on PAL 10" bayonet?
Sporterized M1903A3 manufacture date?
SA/Gaw stamp over SA/SPG?
Proper bolt for M1903 Mark I?
Question about 1941 USMC sniper rifles?
Zeroing in a M1903?
Apologies to all
LN M1903 with "M" on barrel?
1918 Springfield M1903 with 1932 barrel?
Relative's gift M1903 safe to fire?
USMC M1903 types used at Guadalcanal?
Two customized M1903 "heirlooms"?
M1903 "sniper rifle" with Weaver K10 scope?
R 8620 M1903 bolt?
104,000 range M1903 info?
Santa Fe 1903A3 information?
M1903 date of manufacture information source?
Number of M1903s made by each manufacturer?
618,000 range M1903 information?
M1 with RIA/FK markings?
M1917 Colt grips and markings?
M1903 with "grenade slot"?
Springfield M1903 with "flip scope"?
#3525 M1903 worth?
1903A3 "Match" rifle?
"Redstone Arsenal" purchase M1903?
Drilled and tapped Rem. 1903 worth? Needs bolt?
Will changing stock on M1903 reduce recoil?
902,000 range SA M1903 information?
National Ordnance 6M 1903A3 info?
Remington M1903 3,150,000 range questions?
RIA M1903 370,000 range information/value?
318,000 range RIA M1903 safe to fire?
1910 M1903 worth?
M1903 stripper clip availability?
Replace M1903 floorplate with clip/magazine?
Remington M1903/A3 with three tapped holes?
5-42 Remington M1903 information?
M1903 with 9-41 USMC barrel?
403,000 SA M1903 information?
Value/cost of refinished M1903A3?
845,000 range "first issue" M1903?
"Remilitarize" grandfather's RIA M1903?
Choice of a Remington M1903 or SC M1903A3?
LN RIA M1903 with 1942 SA barrel - value?
Remington M1903 3,140,000 range date of manufacture?
Sedgely M1903 Springfield worth?
Rock Island M1903 with 1942 SA barrel?
Remington M1903 3,300,000 range rifle - when produced?
1937-barreled M1903 with Star Gauge barrel a NM?
1,410,000 range M1903 with Tasco scope?
Grandfather's RA M1903A3 information?
838,000 range M1903 worth?
M1903A4s with "straight" stocks?
Rock Island M1903 received from dad - information?
Ordnance mark on Smith Corona M1903A3 rifle?
1917 Springfield M1903 worth/value?
Information on father's Remington M1903?
1915 SA M1903 with English stock?
M1903 with filed off sights - any value?
Remington M1903 "NRA Sporter"?
Bayonets with 8" blades during Korean War?
Information requested on 658,000 range M1903?
Questions about a M1903 Mark I rifle?
U.S. Remington Model 1903 worth?
Early sporterized Rock Island information?
Modified Springfield M1903 Mark I value/information?
"Natl. Ord. 1903 question/value?
1904 Springfield M1903 worth/value?
"AA O" on M1 carbine?
"Sharpshooter" uncle's M1903?
Remington "Red Star" rifle?
Information on SA M1903 #1,224,402?
RIA 297,000 range date of manufacture?
Worth of LN M1903 Springfield?
M1 throat gauge good for M1903?
Rock Island M1903 from fire?
Rock Island M1903 information sought?
213,000 range RIA M1903 worth?
1.5 M M1903 sporter?
Remington M1903 worth?
Identity of two Rock Island rifles?
Miltary or civilian M1903A3?
M1903A3 with shorter stock, markings?
M1 Carbine history?
M22 .22 with BA-JL?
M1903 with "flip scope mount"?
Bolt with CR markings?
Experimental M1903 semi-auto worth?
Emailing serial numbers and barrel dates?
Grandfather's M1903A3 information?
M1903A3 with no stock markings?
Customized RIA M1903 information?
Modified LN M1903 worth $1000?
Use of M1903 rear sight on sporterized M1903?
243,000 range M1903 a good deal?
M1903A4 w/o scope worth?
NRA-Marked M1903?
Remington M1903 in .270 caliber?
100,000 range M1903 manufacture date?
LN M1903 with 10-42 SA barrel?
RIA M1903 with "Z" marking on stock?
Finger groove stock markings?
Remington M1903 (sporterized) information, worth?
Springfield Armory year of manufacture?
Correct Remington 03A3 stock?
Sporterized Rock Island M1903 with scope info requested?
USMC Rock Island M1903?
"Tanker" Remington M1903?
1942 M1903A3 worth?
Worth of 186,000 range M1903 questioned?
Info on M1903 with scope requested?
1.2M M1903 with 8-41 Sedgely barrel?
Unfinished bolt with number electropencield?
Grandfather's Rock Island 1903 a "find"?
"Mismatched" Remington M1903?
"Not English Made" M1917 rifle?
M1903 with CR-marked bolt?
Santa Fe/Golden State Sharpshooter 1903 questions?
Santa Fe 1903A3?
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Date Answered: 09-16-2008
Name - larry huber

Question - I purchased a 03 Springfield Serial 292xxx made at Springfield Armory. I assume the caliber to be 30-06 Springfield? Is this gun which is in very good condition safe to shoot with commercial or military surplus ammo or should I reload low pressure ammo?


Larry, your rifle dates to about 1908. Springfield M1903s below about 800,000 (and Rock Island M1903s below 285,507) wereforged using a single heat-treatment method. Some of them burst when the chamber was "overloaded". Probably the vast majority are safe but the problem is knowing which ones. The question of "whether to shoot or not to shoot" is a very devicive issue among M1903 collrectors and shooters. Most (me included) have made the decision not to shoot low numbered M1903s. Others "shoot" but stick to low-powered cartridges or strictly military-spec ones. The problem seems to be what might happen is there is a case seperation or a similar mishap.

In my opinion, there is a small, but present risk in shooting low numbered M1903s. It is up to each person to decide for themselves.

--Rick the Librarian
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